The Family History of Robert and Heather Stockwell

This website is mainly concerned with the ancestors and descendants of Robert and Heather Stockwell. We have 2 children, Robert and Judith. Later we plan to add information about the ancestors of Rosemary Prytherch (the wife of Robert) and Roderick [Rick] Fletcher (the husband of Judith).

At the moment it is mainly bare facts. We have included a few relevant stories and information about the various people mentioned.

The quickest way to find the page that you want is, probably, by using the Family Tree pages. We have also included some Descendant Listings. These may also be useful to help you find the page in which you are interested.

We have also included some links to other websites that are relevant to our direct lineage.

In studying the history of the Stockwell family you need to be aware that the county boundaries in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire can be very confusing, not only because they have been moved over the years, but also because some of the Registration Districts spread across the County Boundaries into two of the Counties.

It may be helpful for you to know that the name of Robert Stockwell has been used for several generations:
My Great Grandfather: Robert Stockwell (1857 - 1922)
My Great Uncle: Robert Ernest Stockwell (1877 - 1943), emigrated to Australia
My Great Uncle's Son: Robert Frederick Stockwell (b. 1910, in Australia)
My Father: Robert Frederick Stockwell (1907 - 2002)
Me: Robert Francis Osborne Stockwell (b. 1937)
My Son: Robert George James Stockwell (b. 1961)
My Grandson: Robert David Stockwell (b. 1984)
You need to be sure which one you are looking at!

We have tried to make this website as accurate as we can. As always in Family History research you should check all information with the original sources whenever possible. If you find any discrepancies, or information which does not tie in with your own research we would love to hear from you.