The Family of Francis Osborne and Amelia Baxter

Francis Osborne and Amelia Baxter

Francis Osborne, b. 1 March 1845 at Hartshorne, Derbyshire.
He married Amelia Baxter (b. 16 October 1846; d. 5 February 1918) on 17 June 1871 at Birmingham. They had 5 children:
a. George Francis Osborne, b. 30 December 1871 at 54 Ashted Row, Birmingham; m. Phoebe Ann Beech (1868 – 1954) on 12 August 1899; d. 4 May 1940.
b. Ada M Osborne, b. 2 May 1873(?).
c. Arthur C Osborne, b. 1 January 1874; d. 29 March 1917.
d. Katherine E Osborne, b. 1875.
e. Frederick H Osborne, b. 1882.
Francis died on 22 June 1885 at 19 New Summer Street, Birmingham.
Francis Osborne was the son of Samuel Osborne (1816 – 1 Apr 1875) and Ann Worstall (1821 – 1891). Samuel and Ann had 2 children: Francis and Ellen (b. 1850, Birmingham)
Samuel Osborne was born in Brailsford, Derbyshire and was the son of James Osborne (1772 - c1854) and his wife Mary (1783 - c1854)
Ann Worstall was born in Smisby, Derbyshire and was the daughter of William Worstall and Elizabeth Rose.
Amelia Baxter was the daughter of Alfred Baxter (1823 – 5 Sep 1880) and Mary Ann Rowan (1819 – 1894). Alfred and Mary had only the 1 daughter (as far as we know).
Francis was a machinist (according to George’s Birth Certificate). He probably worked in the gun-making trade that was very important in Birmingham at that time.   

Gun making in Birmingham
Francis Osborne
Amelia Osborne (nee Baxter)