Margaret Stockwell (1934 - 2008)

Margaret was born in South London on 30 November 1934.

She was born into a Christian family. Both her parents (Robert and Lilian) were Christians as were all 4 of her grandparents. This strong Christian influence laid a foundation for her life for which she was always grateful. She had one brother (Robert) who was born in August 1937.

Not long before her 5th birthday the Second World War broke out. Margaret, her brother and her mother went to live with her mother’s parents in Prestatyn, North Wales. Even in recent years she spoke of the effect this had upon her – particularly the separation from her father who remained in London.

Soon after the move to Prestatyn, her grandfather died in May 1940. At that age Margaret was much more aware of this than her younger brother.

The family returned to Norbury in South London in 1942, moving to Streatham in 1944 and to Cheam in 1955.

On their return to Norbury, Margaret started her time at Streatham High School, where she continued until the completion of her time at school in 1952.

She took a gap year, joining the staff at Huyton College, Windermere.

Margaret went on the train as a primary teacher at Maria Grey Training College in Twickenham from 1953 to 1956.

On completion of her training she taught at schools in Merstham, Ashtead, Horsham and Crawley before coming to teach in Gosport in 1967. Unfortunately, by this time her health had already started to deteriorate which led to treatment both as an outpatient and an inpatient. She finally had to leave teaching in 1970 and she remained unable to take full-time employment ever since.

Margaret’s faith had been nurtured in the family environment. Following a visit to the Keswick Convention in 1950 or 1951 she made a more formal commitment which led to her being baptised at Norbury Baptist Church where the father was a deacon. On coming to Gosport she soon moved to Harbour Tower from where she worshipped from time to time at Holy Trinity Church. In more recent years her church attendance was less regular, mainly due her ill health. There is no doubt that her faith continued to be alive as she often asked her brother to pray about specific issues that had arisen in her life.

She moved to St Luke’s Road in April 2003 and the last 5 years of her life were probably the best years for a long time. Robert used to visit her regularly and they enjoyed many a chat in Morrison’s Coffee Shop and in walks along Stoke’s Bay.

Her death was not a surprise as Robert had noticed a slowing down in the past few months, It was still a shock when it finally happened

It is good to know that she is now completely free from the sickness and other difficulties which she faced during her life.
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