My mother and her parents moved from Chester to Prestatyn in 1921. They lived in a bungalow called Rhosmor in Melyd Avenue which was a small cul-de-sac off the Meliden Road. It was from here that my mother was married in 1933

With the outbreak of war in 1939 my mother, my sister and I went to live with them. In 1940 my grandfather died, but my grandmother continued to live at Rhosmor until 1953. We also lived there until 1942, when we returned to Norbury in South London. During the rest of the war and for several years afterwards my sister and I would go for some time in each of  the Easter and Summer holidays to stay with my grandmother.

One memory which I have of those days when we visited in the school holidays was the train journey from Euston to Prestatyn. It took 5 or 6 hours. On arrival we stopped on the way from the station to the bungalow in order to send a telegram to my parents to let them know that we had arrived safely. In all the time that we visited Rhosmor there was never a telephone in the bungalow. The telegram cost 1s for up to 12 words (plus 1d per word extra) and we always managed to get the message within the 12 words allowed. These 12 words include 3 for the address so the message had to be quite condensed.

I remember that we would often walk along the Meliden Road to the shops. One of the shops we visited regularly was the grocer’s shop, Mostyn Stores. This shop was owned by Mr Jones. Not surprisingly, he was known as Mostyn Jones. It was a typical grocers shop of the time with large square tins of biscuits in front of the counter, each one with a glass top. The cheese was cut to size on a board with a attached wire cutter. It was amazing how the experienced grocer was able to gauge the size of piece to cut off so that it was the weight that the shopper had requested. I remember the intriguing smell of that shop with the various spices and other aromatic items that were there.
Memories of Prestatyn