Memories of Prestatyn - continued
there on the bus, on other occasions we walked all the way. In the very hot summer of 1947 I remember that I got quite sunburnt as a result of these visits. Sun creams and lotions were not so available then – I think the main palliative for sunburn in those days was a liberal dose of calamine lotion. Certainly the idea of Factor Numbers did not enter our conscious thought.

For entertainment in Prestatyn in those days there were 2 cinemas – the Palladium and The Scala. The Scala was one of the first cinemas to show talking films in North Wales, possibly in the whole of Wales. We were well provided for as they each changed there program on Mondays and Thursdays giving a choice of 4 films each week – in addition to the Saturday morning children’s sessions that they each provided. There was, of course, no cinema open on a Sunday.

For those who need a modern day money conversion: 1s means one shilling, which is the equivalent of 5p today. 1d means one penny, of which there were 12 in one shilling.
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